P.J White has a 35 year history servicing the needs of Australian customers that require everything in lamps. First established in 1975 to manufacture and supply lamps to the various Railways for their passenger carriages for both urban and interstate trains. This quickly expanded to cover lamps used in locomotives, Signalling equipment and general rolling stock. Indicator lamps soon followed which satisfied the needs of the Telephone, Neon and Printing industries. The advent of LED has now “reinvented” the use of indicator lamps.

1990 saw the business expand into Medical, Photographic and Discharge lamps, while the diversity of the Halogen and Incandescent style of lamp continued in leaps and bounds and as new types of lamps and uses expand, we find our range of lamps expanding to suit the needs and requirements of our customers.

With the continuing development in both Domestic and Commercial appliances and Luminaires new demands were created for the Lifestyle  type product covering  Heat lamps, Decorative lighting such as Lava Lamps, Children’s lamps, Appliance lamps for Stoves , Refrigerators, Microwaves, Dishwashers, Rangehoods, Baine Maries to the simple Bug and Party lamps.

Along the way ranges of lamps were sourced to cater for the  Automotive, Stage & Studio, Theatre, Aviation , Navigation, Induction, Reinforced Construction and  even Coloured lamps for festive occasions and simple Torch globes.

In recent time Fluorescent types in Linear, CFL, and Circular are proven winners and with the MEPS regulations imposed on all lighting manufacturers changes have been made to ensure the ever popular Halogen is energy efficient.

PJ Whites range of lamps numbers well over 2500 lines and includes a diversified range of Lampholders including Stucchi products for OEM and maintenance requirements. A full range of accessories and spare parts complements our comprehensive stable of products.

As part of the industrial electrical company IPD Group, PJ Whites ability to source globally from all parts of the lamp world covering, China, USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, and Canada ensures if it’s not in stock we are most likely able to get it.

If you ever pondered where you could possibly source a replacement lamp then PJ White is the solution. As an active member of the Lighting Council of Australia and the Clean Energy Council we are here to assist with all your lamp requirements.

Our staff will be pleased to answer any queries that you may have or to source any lamps not already  included in our range.